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Air jordan 11 is an AJ basketball shoe designed and produced by Jordan Company. It was released in 1996. The inspiration for this sports shoe is inspired by the mower cover, with sole air cushions, and the stadium performs better. Jordan himself expressed his love for the 11th generation more than once in public.air jordan 18 philippines for girls blue mens air air jordan 8 for sale real good air air jordan 12 wholesale cool air jordan 14 from china where to buy authentic online for but real air jordan 10 website wholesale online air jordan 5 china for sale rare air jordan 23 for sale china authentic boys for air jordan 29 sports air jordan 45 but nice authentic air where to buy air jordan 28 online buy buy air jordan 1 online free shipping online kids where to get that are real air jordan 32 sale man air jordan 3 for sale china authentic and womens air jordan 3 5 free shipping best air jordan 9 philippines blue mens air jordan 19 for sale for girls light gray air jordan shoes for sale mens size black and grey original air jordan 12 5 real women air jordan 30 for sale free shipping air websites air jordan 6 free shipping womens black amazon air jordan 13 very where to buy air jordan 2 for sale online online store basketball for kids air jordan 17 pink official air jordan 7 retro sell air jordan 31 for kids for sale air jordan 30 5 online free shipping air free shipping paypal air jordan 4 online

When Tinker was designing 11, he couldn’t determine whether the trapeze would wear this pair of basketball shoes. It was Jordan who left the NBA. In the sad years when the U.S. professional baseball team struggled, the 9th generation had just become a different kind of trapeze that the trapeze did not pass through on the basketball court. Jordan himself did not like 10 generations. Even after returning to the field, the pair of shoes still did not become part of him. However, when outsiders’ suspicions about Tinker continued, Jordan suddenly announced to the world: “I’m back!” It was on March 18, 1995. The world was boiling because of the return of the trapeze. The hero who wore the No. 45 jersey the next day returned to the familiar stage.AIR JORDAN XI: 1995-1996 (November 1995).This section of the sneakers is a classic classic. Michael thinks that it should bring a “regular image” to the golf course. Such insights are the inspiration for this section of shoes. He wore this XI sneaker during the 1995-1996 season after the full comeback, making XI quickly become the most popular AIR JORDAN series of shoes. Another bold innovation is that AJXI uses patent leather as the material for the first time in athletic shoes, and it also has a carbon fiber elastic support plate known as “secret weapon” and a polymer coated upper that can prevent stretching or deformation. With Michael Jordan winning 72 games and the fourth NBA championship in the season. Jordan became the second player to win the most valuable players in the regular season, All-Star Game and Finals in a single season.

It was launched in 1995. The AJ11 is not only a brilliant work of the Air Jordan series, but also has a profound impact on the entire Nike basketball shoe and the entire basketball shoe industry. AJ11’s breakthrough uses patent leather as the upper material, making it a special sign of high-end basketball shoes. At the same time, for the first time, the entire palm built-in air cushion technology was used. In addition, the full-palm carbon fiber support plate was used in the midsole, so that the entire pair of shoes reached the limit in the shock absorber index. (The built-in air cushion may be too soft for the post players, but for the guards and small forwards, this kind of suspension is just right, and the sense of comfort and quick response is no different from any pair of full-shoulder zoom shoes.) The synthetic rubber is compressed into a crystal rubber with a transparent bottom and is beautifully colored. The body of the shoe is made of mesh fibers, which makes the weight of the entire pair of shoes greatly reduced. The AJ11 is the lightest in the Air Jordan series. The AJ11’s development of the Air Jordan series and even the entire basketball shoe is more than just classic. We can think that AJ11 is the watershed between old style basketball shoes and modern basketball shoes. It is the most important milestone in the history of basketball shoes development.

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