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NIKE is the thirteenth basketball sports shoes made by the generation of basketball king Michael Jordan. It was launched in 1998.air jordan 18 philippines for girls blue mens air air jordan 8 for sale real good air air jordan 12 wholesale cool air jordan 14 from china orange womens air jordan 11 online where to buy authentic online for but real air jordan 10 website wholesale online air jordan 5 china for sale rare air jordan 23 for sale china authentic boys for air jordan 29 sports air jordan 45 but nice authentic air where to buy air jordan 28 online buy buy air jordan 1 online free shipping online kids where to get that are real air jordan 32 sale man air jordan 3 for sale china authentic and womens air jordan 3 5 free shipping best air jordan 9 philippines blue mens air jordan 19 for sale for girls light gray air jordan shoes for sale mens size black and grey original air jordan 12 5 real women air jordan 30 for sale free shipping air websites air jordan 6 free shipping very where to buy air jordan 2 for sale online online store basketball for kids air jordan 17 pink official air jordan 7 retro sell air jordan 31 for kids for sale air jordan 30 5 online free shipping air free shipping paypal air jordan 4 online

Air Jordan 13, published in 1997. All the signs show that the 1997-1998 season will be Jordan’s final season in the NBA, so fans are crazy about collecting anything related to this great man. At this time, Nike officially separated the Jordan brand as an independent brand from Nike, becoming an independent subsidiary, which is to form a relatively independent brand. The introduction of Air Jordan13 is particularly important. Designers are inspired by African cheetahs. The shape of the sole is like a cheetah. The most worth mentioning is the holographic laser icon on the outer side of the upper, which contains: a basketball, numbers 23, trapeze sign. This became a major highlight of Air Jordan13. Technology: Whole palm zoom air, midsole is still using a large area of ​​carbon fiber material to provide good support and stability, the upper composed of leather, synthetic leather and nylon cloth, in the reduction of weight while providing better toughness . Personally like Air Jordan13, especially the original year’s black and red, white and red models, Beijing listed Air Jordan13 had platinum engraved version.

AIR JORDAN XIII: 1997-1998 (November 1997)
Super lightweight, super fast responding is the characteristic of the XIII. The design is inspired by the cheetah. Of course, it is also due to Michael’s extremely strong desire to win and the psychic-like agility on the court. XIII is equipped with a sleek Zoom Air air cushion, imitation leopard eye “flying man” holographic image is unique, and carbon fiber flexible support plate can adapt to violent movements. In the sixth game against the Utah Jazz in the season finals, Jordan staged his most famous shooting stunt. (In fact, he wore the AIR JORDAN XIV shoes released early in the game.) The Bulls eventually won the championship and won the championship for three consecutive years. The Chicago team became the first team in the history of NBA to score two consecutive championships.

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