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AIR JORDAN XXX (released on February 12, 2016) Air Jordan 30. The legendary continuation, the Air Jordan series born in 1985 finally came to the 30th generation sequence. After repeated exposure, Air Jordan XXX finally ushered in the official release of Jordan Brand.Air Jordan XXX, designed by Tinker Hatfield, is still a cutting-edge basketball shoe that stands at the forefront of basketball technology and has the most sophisticated designs. Inspired by Michael Jordan’s classic dunk action in 1988, inspired Tinker Hatfield’s original idea of ​​designing XXX. The Nets, the universe, as well as MJ and basketball, these elements eventually settled on Air Jordan XXX shoes. Another legendary designer, Mark Smith, the originator of Sneaker Lasers, also participated in the design of XXX, adding more nuance to its fine-grainedness.Air Jordan XXX brings a comfortable and stable wearing experience to the asymmetrical shoe opening. Nike’s latest high-performance material is used on the upper, which combines weaving, knitting and 3D printing technology. This makes the knitted upper improve in the constant replacement.The fine texture of the upper is integrated with Mark Smith’s new printing technology, which is both strong and lightweight and breathable while bringing beautiful visual expression.

The sole is still the XX9’s FlightSpeed ​​platform. This excellent sole structure excels in support, gripping and cushioning, and has experienced leading results in long-term combat and testing. Tinker Hatfield also admitted that this may be the best actual performance of the sole program.From the sale of Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan 30, Air Jordan has gone through 30 years. When everything returns to 0, this is a start and an end. As basketball shoes enter a new era, people are looking forward to the Air Jordan 30, which has always been at the forefront of basketball shoes. The design by the legendary designer Tinker Hatfield surgeon, sneaker laser laser originator Mark Smith also joined the design of shoes. The designer uses space as the creative background and combines Jordan’s classic slam dunk action in 1988. The upper is presented with a gradient effect, and the tongue with a cosmic element increases the visual perception of the shoe.In addition to the use of weaving techniques in the shoe upper, printing techniques have been added, and the uppers with reflective elements have been more noble. The asymmetrical design of the shoe’s mouth is matched with the new knitted material, and the foot feel is softer than the previous AJ series. The XXX design at the heel and sole shows the identity of the shoes and highlights the brand’s charm. Although the previous generation of bridge-shaped midsole structure and cushioning of the forefoot ZOOM air cushion continued, the innovative FlightSpeed ​​technology allowed the player to have better explosive power. A new grip pattern 3D printing technology to create a better grip. Air Jordan 30, which has many cutting-edge sports technology, has become the representative of the top actual combat shoes at that time.

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