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On August 23, Beijing time, on September 1st, Jordan Brand teamed up with Wei Shaojun to release the latest Air Jordan 32 in the AJ series.air jordan 18 philippines for girls blue mens air air jordan 8 for sale real good air air jordan 12 wholesale cool air jordan 14 from china orange womens air jordan 11 online where to buy authentic online for but real air jordan 10 website wholesale online air jordan 5 china for sale rare air jordan 23 for sale china authentic boys for air jordan 29 sports air jordan 45 but nice authentic air where to buy air jordan 28 online buy buy air jordan 1 online free shipping online man air jordan 3 for sale china authentic and womens air jordan 3 5 free shipping best air jordan 9 philippines blue mens air jordan 19 for sale for girls light gray air jordan shoes for sale mens size black and grey original air jordan 12 5 real women air jordan 30 for sale free shipping air websites air jordan 6 free shipping womens black amazon air jordan 13 very where to buy air jordan 2 for sale online online store basketball for kids air jordan 17 pink official air jordan 7 retro sell air jordan 31 for kids for sale air jordan 30 5 online free shipping air free shipping paypal air jordan 4 online

Wei Shao as an AJ spokesperson, although has his own signature shoes, but the shoe is only Lifestyle, he has always been the main spokesman for AJ. A few days ago, Anthony wore a black shoe in his personal training. This pair of shoes is the upcoming Air Jordan 32 boots.The exposure of the shoes for the all-black version, sneakers inspired by AJ 2, and previously inspired AJ 31 is AJ 1. So, on the AJ 32 you can see the AJ 2’s Flying Logo, and the wavy heel element.After spending its third decade, Jordan Brand’s efforts in quantity are obvious to all. Whether it’s a larger number of re-engravings than before, or more promotion of actual new launches, training shoes, and low-to-medium sneakers, the expansion of the team’s signing contract has further proved Jordan Brand’s further efforts. And its harvest is naturally self-evident.

When you got your hands, the most noteworthy thing was the new forefoot knitted shoes. The forefoot transforms the body of Flyknit to a large extent, creating an X-shaped hard-edged thread while creating a sense of depth.The heel part of the shoe body uses an internal fill + external embracing module (the material is different due to color matching) + followed by the TPU. In order to ensure that the heel can not be placed on the ankle during the jump shot, the heel is also equipped with a thicker shoe-lift, which satisfies all comfort requirements in design.The filling of the heel is somewhat hard, but its thickness is very satisfactory, and it is a good substitute for the “small pillow” on the Air Jordan 31. The insole uses a thicker O-marked insole to ensure basic cushioning before stepping on the cushion.

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