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Air Jordan 4 is the fourth generation of the Nike Jordan series of the first generation of basketball shoes, was born in 1988, is a very classic Air Jordan series, so that this series has a soul, and Air Jordan 4 upper mesh shoes shoes Buckles are famous around the world.Air Jordan series is the most successful basketball shoes series, each pair of shoes in this series has a classic black and red color.Loading history, become a classic. However, great products are not perfect at the beginning. The AirJordan series is no exception. If we say that the original Air Jordan series masters do superficially, then starting from Air Jordan 4, this series finally has a real soul.In the late 1980s, due to design and manufacturing processes that did not meet the requirements,

The complex structure of air-cushioned basketball shoes inevitably brings unnecessary weight, which affects the athletes’ play. These shortcomings can also be seen in the first three generations of Air Jordan basketball shoes. Although air jordan airbags have been used since Air Jordan3, the shoes The weight and comfort have made a certain sacrifice. This is not in line with JORDAN’s basketball style, and the same products are becoming less satisfying to consumers. In this historical context, a brand new Air Jordan product has been introduced to the market.air jordan 18 philippines for girls blue mens air air jordan 8 for sale real good air air jordan 12 wholesale cool air jordan 14 from china orange womens air jordan 11 online where to buy authentic online for but real air jordan 10 website wholesale online air jordan 5 china for sale rare air jordan 23 for sale china authentic boys for air jordan 29 sports air jordan 45 but nice authentic air where to buy air jordan 28 online buy buy air jordan 1 online free shipping online kids where to get that are real air jordan 32 sale man air jordan 3 for sale china authentic and womens air jordan 3 5 free shipping best air jordan 9 philippines blue mens air jordan 19 for sale for girls light gray air jordan shoes for sale mens size black and grey original air jordan 12 5 real women air jordan 30 for sale free shipping air websites air jordan 6 free shipping womens black amazon air jordan 13 very where to buy air jordan 2 for sale online online store basketball for kids air jordan 17 pink official air jordan 7 retro sell air jordan 31 for kids for sale air jordan 30 5 online free shipping

The appearance of Air Jordan 4 for the first time made it clear that the AirJordan series will interact with the Flight series and learn from each other. At the same time, it also put forward the concept of guard basketball shoes for the first time. In the age that Force Basketball shoes dominated the market, the first-generation Flight series was weak, Flight symbolized flight, and the Flight series were all of those who worked on the backboard. Those players who had excellent bouncing were called Flight. They are often able to bring the most exciting performances. They are the most popular characters on the basketball court. Jordan is the representative of this kind of player. So the Air Jordan4 launched in 1989 and the Air Flight 89 launched in the same year became the first to use Flight. Two pairs of logo shoes, the emergence of these two pairs of shoes also heralded the birth of the Flight series. Although AirJordan 4 is the only pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes that have ever appeared in Flight, the design concept of the Flight series is fully integrated into the design of the Air Jordan series, which also makes the Air Jordan series lighter and faster. The direction of development, this ever-spirited spirit has been deeply integrated into the spirit of AirJordan series. It can be said that Air Jordan 4 is like a rebirth of the entire Air Jordan series, or a Nirvana.

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